Marisa's First Mother's Day // Mini Session in Ukrainian Village, Chicago

I’m totally biased, but celebrating Mother’s Day with a photo session is one of the best gifts a mom can receive. If it’s a new mom and her first Mother’s Day, even better!

That was the case with this mini session in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village. Marisa was gifted a session by her husband and we spent a beautiful spring morning walking the sidewalks in their neighborhood and visiting their home base playground.

There’s something so special about choosing home as the location for a photo session. So many times we think we need to travel across the city to a beautiful park or find a view of the skyline to use as the backdrop. Those spots make for wonderful photographs, but there’s something so meaningful about photos taken at home. That’s where we spend most of our time, anyway, and where most of our memories are made.

At least once, chose home as your location for photos. You won’t be disappointed.

Book your own mini session to celebrate whatever good things your life brings. I offer them year-round now, not just seasonally! Email me and we’ll talk details.

Nova Lux and Her Fanclub // Chicago Family Photos

She had a fanclub from day one. What's not to love about two big brothers to keep watch and give hourly kisses?

I spent some time at this sweet family's home when things had settled a bit after Nova's birth. I was offered invisible cups of tea and witnessed a few lion and leopard impersonations between taking photos of Nova in her natural element. She seemed quite at home in the middle of the action!

Not to be ignored: the beautiful details and carefully curated space that Nova and her fanclub call home. Class act, I tell you!

Ro is an Instagram-friend turned real-life friend and it was a distinct honor to photograph her family to memorialize this special time. All the heart eyes for you, Ro!

Love this intimate family session? Home is the perfect place to be yourselves, and I'd love to photograph you in yours. Email me. ♡

Upping the Headshots Game

I always hesitate to use the word headshots because the word feels so stuffy. Instead, I use phrases like profile photos or professional portraits or just plain portrait photos. I meet a lot of people who feel the same way when they ask me for new headshots – they say things like

"I need a new photo for a big work event coming up! But I don't want a stiff, awkward-looking picture; I want something that's more natural and true to myself while still being professional. Can you do that?"

Why yes, I can.

We're upping the headshots game, one savvy professional at a time. Here's proof:

The city is your oyster, Chinwe! ♡

If you're thinking, 

Mandalyn! I need new non-stuffy profile photos like this too!

then you're right – you really do. We've got this covered. Email me.