Monday Camaraderie | Chicago Lifestyle Couples Session

I was so excited to photograph Ninelle and Stepan in their home because I knew from their Instagram feeds that both of them have impeccable style and a love for slow mornings with good coffee. I was right about those things, but I got to witness something else between them throughout our time together that was so much richer - their camaraderie.

That's a good old-fashioned-sounding word, but it perfectly describes the mutual trust and friendship that these two share. They've been married for 4 years, and there's no shortage of love and laughter and genuine companionship in their home and I think the images we made together display their beautiful connection so well.

Both Ninelle and Stepan own successful small businesses; she creates beautiful wall tapestries sold in her Etsy shop and in botiques throughout Chicago, and he operates Highland Park's most fashionable barbershop. They take Mondays off work to rest and spend time together, and this Monday unfolded like all the rest - with tea and chill tunes in their gorgeously decorated home followed by brunch. It was an honor to document the connection and camaraderie between these two lovely humans - can't you see it?

Are you a couple who share the same kind of camaraderie and connection that these two do? I'd love to document it for you. Get in touch with me by clicking below and let's talk about what makes you click!

Mallory ❤ Walon || Chicago Engagement Session

I jumped for joy when Mallory emailed me about taking engagement photos for her and Walon. She wrote:

We thought it would be cool to come to you in Chicago and let you do your magic there.

Well let me tell you, MAGIC HAPPENED. I love engagement sessions because they're so full of happiness and emotion. You've probably heard me say that my goal for each and every session is to make images that represent real life as it is today. For engagements, that means lots of smiles, lots of laughs, and lots of little moments that I get to witness. I play the third wheel card like you've never seen! :)

We started their session (after coffee at Starbucks of course) in Lincoln Park and continued to Navy Pier and then ended on North Avenue Beach. Classic Chicago. I love the fun-loving feel of these photographs, and I think they capture Mallory & Walon together perfectly!


Zach Loves Kelsey : Spring Couples Session

There's nothing like newlyweds' love.

My hub and I had photos taken within the year after we were married and I cherish those photos even more than I do our wedding pictures in some ways. Those images were just us, just our happy little newlywed selves without the awkwardness of family members peering over the wedding photographer's shoulder.

I was delighted to give the same kind of photos to Zach and Kelsey. Their vows are less than a year old, and you can see it in their eyes that marriage is pretty fabulous. :)

A little freelensing with those two above. I was giddy with delight at these - just ask Zach or Kelsey.