February | 10 on 10

We spent part of a Sunday wandering through the Garfield Park Conservatory in an attempt to escape Chicago's winter for a bit. It was like stepping into another world; there was so much green everywhere, while just outside the gray skies were heavy with rain clouds!

I took my camera along and I'm so glad I did. There were so many shades of green at the conservatory, and in the moments I couldn't keep up with my toddler, I simply pointed my lens at plants instead. :)

What's your go-to for escaping the winter doldrums?

This post is in collaboration with a group of fellow photographers across the globe as a part of a 10 on 10 photo project. We link arms in an attempt to challenge ourselves to document the everyday of our own lives! Follow the circle by visiting each photographer's February post until you click back to my page...begin here, with Lais Livon's post!