Oliver Turns One! || Dayton, OH Child Photography

I feel like I should tell you first-off that Oliver is my nephew. Perhaps the exclamations of how adorable he is and the unashamed use of '!!!' will be understood a little better. :)

My husband recently gave a description of Ollie's personality: "He's just a little joy bomb." And it's true! This precious boy is quick to smile, and it's a grin that lights up his whole face. And if you've ever been around a happy one-year-old, you know that their joy is infectious. Watch his smile slowly spread across his face, and notice that there's a grin growing on yours as well. 

I was delighted to take some photos of Oliver a few weeks ago to commemorate his first year of life, and I have to say these images really did capture his personality. I'm so happy to know this little boy, and being his auntie is one of my top claims to fame! Just as I pray with my son every night before bed, I pray for you, Oliver Rafe: that you will grow to be strong in your muscles and strong in your heart. 


Who needs props and toys when you can have LEAVES?!?! ;)


So much love in my heart for these people. There just aren't adequate words.

Leave some love for them in the comments below, and you can see Oliver's Newborn Session here if you want to feel all sentimental with me about this boy growing up.