Pennington Family // Lifestyle Family Session

If I've said it once on Facebook, I've said it a hundred times: lifestyle family sessions are near and dear to my heart. They're genuine, real, and honest - all the things I look for in a photograph and all the things I strive for myself.

This session was marvelous, and it was all because Stephen & Ashley opened their doors wide and let me in to their lives for a bit.

These aren't your typical Christmas card pictures. They're not necessarily the kind you want to blow up to 36 inches and hang on your wall. But they are photographs that document who you are today. They capture the way your daughter cocks her head to smile at you, and the way your husband watches your children play. These photos stop time for a bit and help you step back and look at your life through a different pair of eyes. And I guarantee that what you'll see is beauty. The honest, real-life beauty that you won't find on Pinterest, but the kind you'll find under your very own roof.