Rafe is Two! (featuring big sisters) || Russia, OH Family Session

When Rafe's mom asked me to take his 2-year photos next time I was in town, there wasn't a moment of hesitation in my mind. My son and Rafe were born just 2 weeks apart, so I'm quite sure they share a special bond, whether they know it or not. :) His mama is a former coworker and lifelong friend, and it's always a joy to see these adorable faces!

I took these photographs on the farmstead that has been in their family for generations. It was a beautiful evening, the late summer sunshine was dreamy, and knowing the family history of these old barns ads a depth and richness to the story that these images tell. 

Scroll on for some adorable images to commemorate Rafe's second birthday, and there's special appearances by both of his big sisters. Because who wants to be left out of having a moment or two in front of Mandalyn's big fancy camera?! :)