Real Life: June

I participated in a workshop through the month of May led by the sweet, kind, and incredibly talented Ginger Unzueta. The assignments through the few weeks of the class were focused on taking note of the our everyday moments, and I learned and grew so much as a photographer through Ginger's instruction and critique! 

As a result of the class, I notice myself appreciating light even more, and embracing the kind of light that exists in my world, even if it's not the "right kind" of bright, natural light that makes for the loveliest-looking pristine photographs. Truth is, the low light of early morning or the last light of the day is just as beautiful. Harder to master, yes, but worth it. I'm so grateful for Ginger's willingness to share her knowledge. I'm more inspired than ever to pick up my camera and make photos of life!

I did just that a few weekends ago on a little outing to the park, and even took some advice from the class to get in the frame myself. I'd love to know what you think!


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