Real Life: March

You may have noticed a pattern of striking light and more moody-feeling images in my photographs lately - especially in my Instagram feed. I've been challenging myself to stop waiting for the perfectly-lit scene and start capturing exactly what I can see.

And it's also the end of winter. Which means we've spent most of our time indoors in the last few months since sunshine is limited. The perfect spawning ground for moody photographs. :)

I took these images just yesterday as I watched Hugo play in this patch of light in our living room. I loved the way the light was streaming in on just a portion of the room, making these beautiful contrasts. It was like spring was peering in our windows to say 'Don't worry! I'm on my way!'

When the light is so bright and direct like this, it's tough to get your exposure just right, especially when there's a contrast of light on the subject's face. I'm quite pleased with how these images look - they may not be dead-on in a technical sense, but they portray exactly what I was seeing in my living room yesterday afternoon: real life.


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