SENIORita Shelby!

They grow up so fast.

If you high school seniors had a quarter for every time you heard that phrase, you just might have your freshman year in college paid for. And I may or may not be about to say it one more time.

It really is hard to believe you're graduating, Shelby. It was just last year that you were calling me up to set a date for our annual school supply shopping day, wasn't it?! From those teenage days to your years at Troy Christian High School, you've always had a knack for working out the details and making a plan. You've got big plans for life after high school, and that diligence will pay off again and again.

I'll give you one piece of advice, and save the rest for the book I'll write you in your graduation card. :) It's speaking-from-experience, been-there-done-that kind of advice: commit your plans, no matter how thought through and how expertly crafted, to the God who already knows. Life will be exponentially less stressful.

Congratulations, Shelby Lou!