10 on 10

10 on 10 : September

I had the busiest month in the history of Morceau Photography last month. And I think if the month of August could talk, that would be its story for everyone!

So when the end of the month rolled around and it was time for vacation, we couldn't have been happier! Here's a few shots from our time in Colorado.

Have you ever visited the mountains? They're marvelous. As in breathtaking and humbling and all you can do is stop and stare. And try to take a picture. :)

In case you've forgotten, 10 on 10 is a blog circle series for the whole year. Next in the circle is Jennifer Hill - go take a look at her beautifulness!

10 on 10 : July

Most of these images, as you will soon see, are from our 4th of July weekend. We did a good bit of relaxing, a good bit of dreaming about our next adventure, and a good bit of swelling with American pride. July 4th is always humbling to me as I think about the millions of people just like me who don't have the blessing of a free country to call home. I don't think I fully understand how good we have it!

And look at this ENORMOUS and BEAUTIFUL flag our proud little town of Tipp City displayed for the weekend!


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10 on 10: June

If you're following along here on my blog, you know that 10 on 10 is a series I'm doing with a group of other photographers around the world. We share 10 images on the 10th of every month in our blog circle.

My motivation for joining the circle was to get my hands on my 'big camera' more often, rather than just reaching for my trusty iPhone for the beautiful everyday moments. Don't get me wrong, I love having a camera in my pocket anywhere and everywhere. But I was getting jealous of all the lovely photos I was delivering to my own clients. ;)

It's working. It was SO HARD to narrow it down to 10 images from the last month! Enjoy this little glimpse into our normal life...

Isn't she gorgeous?!  Hugo and Alicia are just a few days apart, and we were delighted to have her family come spend a weekend with us. I'm so thankful I got out my "big camera" for these little friends.

The only trouble is I'm the one behind the camera. Maybe next year I'll have to be intentional in finding myself on the other side of the lens. You know, proof that I really was there. ;)

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