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3 years old | Chicago Child Photographer

I honestly can't remember what life was like without him.

My son turned three last week, and I took these portraits so we can always remember what life looked and felt like at the milestone of 3 years old. We rode a water taxi into the Loop for a fun little adventure, and the rest of the photos were taken in the heart of the city on the Chicago Riverwalk. When I look at these images, I see his thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, joy, and the beautiful lightheartedness of childhood. 

I'm so happy to have these photographs that celebrate my boy and the hum of our city!

The Chicago Riverwalk is my new favorite location in downtown Chicago for photos and meeting up for an after-work walk. If this spot is a favorite of yours too, I'd love to photograph you here! Just send me an email and mention this idea. See you there. :)

June | 10 on 10

My June 10 on 10 is nothing fancy, just some photos from a weekday evening in our little outdoor space. We spend so much time outside in the summer, and many of our evenings look like grilling our dinner and dining al fresco on a picnic blanket in the grass. It's always a happy time, and I'm delighted that these images capture that so well! We have certainly fallen in love with this urban lifestyle, small porches and all.

Me: "Can I take some pictures of you standing over there in those ferns?"

Him: stares blankly

Me: "You can pretend to be a dinosaur."

Him: instantly accommodating 😂

You probably remember that this 10 on 10 series is a monthly post for the entire year done in collaboration with some incredible photographers from around the world. Please follow the circle to see life as they're living it! Heather's photographs always amaze me, and she lives in Hawaii, so it's always fun to get a peek into her beachy life! Click here to see her post for the month.


January | 10 on 10

January: that beautiful month of fresh starts and new beginnings and goal-setting and planning to do more good things. I love January for all those reasons, don't you? I have my fair share of brand new goals for this brand new year, but one of my goals isn't new at all. It's pretty simple, in fact: continue posting real life images alongside my photographer-friends in our project.

2016 is my third year to participate in a collaboration like this, and even though it can be hard to remember to shoot, edit, and curate personal images on top of client work, it's so worth it. I've seen my skill grow in these past few years simply because I've built the habit of grabbing my camera for normal life scenes in my own home. And on top of that, I've got hard drives full of images of my son as he grows up - memories of younger days that I'm able to revisit with a few clicks of a mouse.

If you're a regular reader of my photo blog, thanks for following along! I hope you like these little glimpses into my personal life. If you're one of my fellow photographers in this circle, I'm so happy to be alongside you this year! I have big plans to learn and grow from each one of you. And if you like the sounds of this sort of collaboration and want it for your own life, GO FIND IT. There are people who want a support group just like you do; sometimes it takes a little bravery to be the first person to ask: will you come alongside me? Let's learn together. ♡

January's 10 images are all about the after-Christmas quiet. So much hustle and bustle and then all is still as we ease back into our normal routines. Normal is beautiful.

Follow along with my lovely friends in the blog circle starting with Laurie from Savannah, Georgia!