Real Life: September

I can hardly believe it's the middle of September. I love this month because it holds the last beautiful days of summer and the first beautiful days of fall. I always wish it would last a little longer!

I've also found myself wishing lately that the days would last just a little longer. My son is 2, and we're starting to have little conversations about how we're feeling and what we experience in the world. I want to just soak it all in, and at the end of the day, I find myself wishing I had taken more time to sit with him and color Thomas the Tank Engine with crayons than worry about getting all the laundry done. Do you ever feel that way? Actually, I'm not sure I've ever met another parent who doesn't feel that way.

Since I've been having these moments of feeling like my son is growing up right before my very eyes, I've been making it a point to photograph details of his little life right now, and even forcing myself to get in the photo with him. These moments are written on my heart.

This post is part of a blog circle I'm honored to be a part of this year. We're a group of photographers who are chronicling the story of our real life, and I really encourage you to follow the circle beginning with Laurie Schultz's beautiful images.

Big Sister, Big Announcement : Dayton OH Family Photography

I did a very special photo session in September for these lovely friends, and had to keep it all a secret until the news was public that their family was growing. In that time, I forgot to blog about it! So it was a lovely little surprise to find the session featured on the Lemonade & Lenses blog today! Here they are, along with the little blurb I wrote about our time together.

When my dear friend asked me to help announce an addition to their family, I was delighted to bring to life her idea of photographing their daughter practicing for a new little sibling. Here’s the best part – big sister didn’t know she was going to be a big sister until this night! You can watch mom and dad telling her the happy news at the end of the series of photographs, and their joy is just palpable. I may have been hiding a few happy tears behind my camera – it was such an honor to be a part of this special night!

*cue awww!'s.


Look at their joy! It's almost palpable, and I'm pretty certain I was tearing up behind the camera by this point. :)


This is the stuff life is made of, isn't it?! These are the moments you want to last just a little longer. I was so deeply honored to be a part of this special evening with my friends - I hope these images really do help you relive the happiness!

The Kaufmans : Dayton Family Photography

There's just something about families. Maybe it's because the addition of our son last year made us an official family, and I'm just beginning to discover what it's like to have a house full of life! All I know is that when I watch families love on each other, it seems like all is right in the world.

I don't doubt that these lovely friends of mine also have a house full of life. They're as beautiful as can be, and I love the way they've embraced the real meaning of family by inviting 2 darling foster children into their home! The meaning of family is even deeper than simply sharing the same genetic code - it's loving each other from the deepest parts of our hearts.

Can't you see it?!

I also took some photos to celebrate their darling blonde boy turning two. Isn't Fenner just the cutest? And that grin...