It's A Beautiful Life // Family Session Giveaway!

We live in the age of social sharing. We all enjoy posting little bits about our lives on Instagram or Facebook, and we probably spend more time than we want to admit poring over the little bits of life our friends have shared.

But how many times do you close Instagram or Pinterest or Facebook with a sigh?

  • We see the pretty table decorations that one friend posted on Instagram and wish we could set a table that prettily. Sigh. But what we don’t see is the piles of normal life stuff that she had to clean off the table before she made it look pretty.
  • We pay close attention to all the healthy recipes that another friend saves on Pinterest. Sigh. But what we don’t see is the normal life lunch of hot dogs and macaroni and cheese she served her family yesterday.
  • We “like” and ❤ the photos of a friend’s toddler dressed in the most adorable little perfectly matching outfit. Sigh. But we don’t see the 3 other outfits that are already dirty from doing normal life.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing our pretties and our milestones - but when we’re the onlookers and we start to think that everyone around us has only pretty things and never messes, we sometimes start to believe that our life lacks the beauty we see everywhere else.

Normal life is macaroni and 4 outfits and piles of clutter. And I believe with all my heart that normal life – your normal life – is beautiful. Sometimes it just takes a different pair of eyes to see it.

When I take photographs of your family, I absolutely intend to give you excellent images of your smiling faces. But deeper than that, I want to be the fresh eyes you need to see the beauty in your own life. It’s there, I promise. It might not look like the other lives you see on Instagram.

And if your life looked like everyone else’s, it wouldn’t be as beautiful.


I want to show you the beauty in your own life by spending some time with you and taking photos of your normal day. You won’t get perfectly posed pictures. But you will get some tangible memories that capture who you really are – and it’s beautiful.

Enter the giveaway below to win A Beautiful Life photo session with yours truly and if you know someone who needs to see the beauty in his or her life, please share with them too!

Here’s the fine print:

  1. Giveaway available to Ohio residents only.
  2. Family session will be scheduled in May 2014.
  3. Giveaway ends at midnight on Thursday, April 3.
  4. Winner will be announced on Facebook and contacted via email.
  5. All policies in the Booking Form apply.