home workspace

My Home Workspace

I recently moved and updated my workspace and thought you might like to see where all the MRP magic happens! I always love seeing the spaces where creative people work, especially when the space blurs the lines between work and home. I moved my desk from the downstairs office to the living room, and now I have quick access to necessary items I may need throughout the day. It makes it so much simpler to send a few emails in between loads of laundry and it's fun to share my space with my toddler sometimes.

MRP Home Workspace in Chicago

Many people think working from home sounds dreamy, and while I feel so blessed to be able to do so, it's also incredibly difficult. Finding and maintaining a clear balance and setting aside specific times to devote to both work and home life is tricky when my office is in my living room! I hold myself to a pretty strict schedule for that very reason. Yes, it's nerdy, but it's necessary to make the magic happen.

What do you think of my new-ish space?! (Scroll to bottom for sources)