10 on 10 : October

If you've been following my blog, you'll know that I've been part of a small group of photographers around the world posting 10 images on the 10th of every month. We started this project to motivate us, and my specific goal has been to use my big camera to take photographs of my own little life. It's harder than it should be to remember to capture my own memories! :) I can hardly believe it's been October and we've been at this for almost an entire year.

The images below were taken a few weeks ago as I was making dinner. Hugo finds it necessary to be in the kitchen when I am, and he occupies himself by reorganizing my drawer of lids, pulling all the magnets off the fridge, and pointing and wondering what I'm doing. I'm so glad for these images of my curious little boy!

10 on 10 : March

Just a collection of little bits of life from the last month - most of which are still indoors. With the last few days full of sunshine we've all got spring fever more than ever around here!


I shot some lifestyle and stock product images for Rosy Toes Designs, a local artisan who creates these gorgeous felted phone cases. Visit her site or Facebook page to snatch one for yourself!


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10 on 10: February

The internet is a wonderful thing.

I've joined a blog circle that connects me with fellow photographers from around the world - Australia, England, North Carolina, Georgia, Canada, and Dubai, to name a few. Each month on the 10th, we've committed to posting 10 photos. Mine will have no rhyme or reason - just everyday beautiful things from both my iPhone and my camera. Follow along if you like, and enjoy the work of photographers from around the world!

New trick: FAKE CRYING! It's hilarious, and cute, and it doesn't take long before he erupts into grins. :)

New trick: FAKE CRYING! It's hilarious, and cute, and it doesn't take long before he erupts into grins. :)


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