I get so excited when the new year rolls around and 2015 is no exception. My theme for the year both personally and on the photography side is simplify. You can see some results of that already with a simpler name for my business and a fresh website that's also clean and simple. I'm delighted with Mandalyn Rael Photography! 

In other news, our little family moved to Chicago over Christmas break! We’ve always wanted to live in a big city, and we are thoroughly enjoying becoming Chicagoans. And no, the weather isn't so bad. :)
What does this mean for you? I have so many wonderful clients in Ohio and elsewhere. Saying “goodbye” is simply not an option. Traveling is more of a priority this year, and I will often be able to offer photography sessions when we travel home to see family and friends. And for you Ohioans, Chicago is not so far away - you could even come see me! 
All that to say - we aren’t saying goodbye at all. I am as delighted as ever to continue creating photographs of your beautiful life - from the most extraordinary moments to the most everyday ones. Just call me up! 
I plan to email my travel schedule to clients and friends who are signed up for MRP News. If you want to join the list, click here
A very happy 2015 to you!