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I never take lightly a invitation from someone to come into their lives and witness a special moment. Photographing a newborn baby is one of the most special of all - there's something so magical and sweet and heavenly about the first few days as a new family. It's a sacred time, and I am fully present in that reality even though my face is hidden behind my camera for most of it. 

It's no less sacred and magical when it's family - in fact it's more so. This sweet babe is my precious niece, and the fact that I've waited to meet her and daydreamed about her and already began to love her made my time with her so much more wonderful.

I'm a proud aunty to my darling Flora, and I'm a proud photographer when I look at these images. They're awash with natural light and genuine emotion and rich colors and full, happy hearts - that's a recipe for a perfect photo if you ask me. Scroll on and meet my 3-day-old niece; she's perfect.

Natural Light Lifestyle Newborn Session | Mandalyn Rael Photogra

Little hands, when you get tired
I will help you through
Little heart, when you get broken
I will shelter you
Little ears, if you will listen
You will hear the truth
You will hear the truth

It’s a big world, baby
Big enough to dream
You’re not too small to do great things

I’ll be with you right beside you
Hold you when you cry
When the rain is falling on you
I will keep you dry
When you sail on stormy seas
I will be your guide
I will be your guide

It’s a big world, baby
Big enough to dream
You’re not too small to do great things

Hear the music play
Dancing in your soul
Listen to the symphony
You’re beautiful
(JJ Heller)

They're just wonderful, this family of mine. I'd be honored for you to invite me into the special moments of your life too. Find out more here.

Chartreuse bonnet: Mabo Kids | Rust colored crochet booties: Misha + Puff

Oliver Rafe // Newborn Session

I'm recently an auntie. And this little package of wonderful is responsible for it.

Oliver Rafe was born a few months ago into a family who already loved him very, very much. But don't take my word for it - take one look at these photos and you'll be able to see that for yourself.

Your heart is a history book
With pages to fill
If you haven’t found your voice 
I know you will

You don’t need to let the rain clouds 
Underneath your skin
Love sings louder than the darkness 
Let the light shine in
I know you will

Oh, the places you will see 
The world is full of mystery 
Like a city on a hill 
You’re gonna shine
I know you will

- JJ Heller, I Know You Will

And then I got to go visit Baby Ollie when he came home and take MORE photos!! Poor dear. He has a photographer for an auntie. :D

Doesn't he just stop you dead in your tracks?! I have never seen such a handsome nephew. ❤

Finley Keith

Lemme tell ya - Finn is one cool dude.

He braved his newborn shoot like it was old hat - despite all the primping and plumping and prodding! If you can't tell, Mom and Pop are bursting with pride over their new son, and it was a joy to step into their lives for a few hours to witness some of their precious first memories.