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Love, Connection, & Crayons | Oak Park Lifestyle Family Photography

This lovely family welcomed me into their Oak Park home a few weekends ago, and it wasn't long at all before the boys had shown me their favorite toys, music was playing, and crayons had been dumped out on the big dining table. They spent the morning playing, reading books, making art, and ended with a little walk around the block. There were words of encouragement, a few mini dance parties, hugs, laughs, and most of all, togetherness. It was a normal day in their home, except for the fact that I was there with my camera.

When I photograph people (which is most of my work and the kind that I enjoy most of all) I always strive to capture on camera moments of connection. The touch of a hand, a soft smile, a shared laugh. Lifestyle photo sessions in a family's home are rich with these kind of moments because home is where the most genuine connections happen. It's truly a gift when client-friends trust me and allow me the great privilege of stepping into their lives with my camera, and I think it's truly a gift that I'm able to give these beautiful, rich, life-filled images in return.

I would be delighted to give you the same gift of beautiful images that capture the connection between you and those you love. Click the button below to learn more about what to expect from a session with me.

Glaze Family || Chicago Lifestyle Session

If you've followed my photography and writings for a while, you'll know that I'm less concerned with perfectly-posed photographs and more intent on photographing real moments as they unfold. It's no surprise, then, that lifestyle sessions are my favorite sessions of all -- there's no other priority than raw, real, everyday life images! I'm convinced that the moments we will look back on with the most fondness are the mundane moments that we sometimes take for granted.

When Katelyn asked me to bring my camera and spend a morning documenting her family's daily life, I couldn't say 'yes' fast enough. We started at their Lakeview home where Michael brewed a perfect pour of coffee. He's the director of retail for Bow Truss coffee, so I suppose he knows what he's doing. :) Katelyn put the finishing touches on a pan of fresh cinnamon rolls while their son, Atticus, watched the activity and flashed his smile across the room like a sunbeam. As they ate breakfast and I clicked away, we talked about parenting and Chicago (they recently moved to the city and are learning the ropes of city life just like I am) and other things that made me think I had known them for many months. Maybe that's the other reason I like lifestyle sessions -- because I always leave with a few more people to call friend. Then we wandered downtown for some photos to commemorate their recent move to the city. It was chilly and windy, but all 3 of them were good sports about braving the weather, and it was well worth our time.

Take a look at these images from the Glaze family session, and see what I mean -- there's something so rich and beautiful about real life.