the why


I'm old-fashioned. I'm also a techy. And I've found Instagram to be the perfect blend of the two. Here's what I mean:

I'm a mild geek married to an ultra-geeky web designer living in the 21st century. So I'm doomed to be a techy. And quite frankly I love being a techno-goon  (please don't google that phrase lest you discover that I'm also quite a weirdo). So how do I claim to be equally appreciative of old-fashioned charms? Simple. I'm easily delighted and inspired by everyday simplicity - the kind that's been around for ages. Blonde-haired little girls playing with invisible playmates. Furry friends sticking their wet noses into the wind. Summertime all wrapped up in a sunflower. Those simple pleasures are wonderful, they're no different than they were years ago, and they're just the moments of time I love to snatch with my lens. And since I'm a techy, my iPhone is always handy to do just that.

If you share my love of the beauty of the everyday, you might enjoy coming along for the ride on Instagram. Hang's a wonderful life.