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One Bright Spring Morning | Brooklyn, NYC Family Photographer

The thing about Brooklyn families is that they're resilient.

We could have rescheduled this shoot on a different (warmer) day in the middle of spring, but we may not have been blessed by the crisp, clean sunlight that seemed to be winking at our determination. And besides, there was a coffee shop just around the corner.

After chasing sun and shadows for a few minutes, we ducked inside to warm ourselves with hot drinks, peer out the window at passersby, and shriek with delight at the sight of a garbage truck.

Brooklyn families are tough and resilient, and this family is made of pure gold. ✨

June | 10 on 10

My June 10 on 10 is nothing fancy, just some photos from a weekday evening in our little outdoor space. We spend so much time outside in the summer, and many of our evenings look like grilling our dinner and dining al fresco on a picnic blanket in the grass. It's always a happy time, and I'm delighted that these images capture that so well! We have certainly fallen in love with this urban lifestyle, small porches and all.

Me: "Can I take some pictures of you standing over there in those ferns?"

Him: stares blankly

Me: "You can pretend to be a dinosaur."

Him: instantly accommodating 😂

You probably remember that this 10 on 10 series is a monthly post for the entire year done in collaboration with some incredible photographers from around the world. Please follow the circle to see life as they're living it! Heather's photographs always amaze me, and she lives in Hawaii, so it's always fun to get a peek into her beachy life! Click here to see her post for the month.