Taking it Slow Together | Dayton, Ohio Family Session

I know it may sound hyped, but I really do care about the experience that my client-friends have with me just as much as I care about the photographs I make for them. In fact, a great experience produces great images, so it's really not easy to have one without the other! 

When I met this sweet family at a greenhouse just outside of Dayton, Ohio, my goals were no different, and since I wanted to give them an experience to remember, I often found myself stepping back to give them space to connect. And that's exactly what they did. The place was bursting with color, flowers, and sweet little places to tuck into. They worked their magic of togetherness, I worked my magic to capture it, and the results are stunning! 

It's incredible how taking a little time to slow down and sit next to the ones we love helps remind us of why we liked them in the first place. ;) If you have the chance, do it for yourself this weekend! It's such a simple, sweet reminder that our people mean the world to us. Take a blanket to the park, turn off your phones, and take it slow, together.

Want photos of your family taking it slow together? They're a perfect tangible reminder of the connection you share!

Email me for available dates in June and July. I'd be honored!