That spark between you is WAY bigger now.

Couples only get cuter, and you two are no exception.

Aren’t your wedding photos gorgeous?! They captured the beautiful details and emotions of your day perfectly.
If you’re anything like us, your wedding photos did a fantastic job of documenting you looking your absolute best, but that’s not what you look like every day. They also did a fantastic job of including all the necessary formal shots, but that’s not how you act every day.
And let’s face it - love only gets better and richer with time. Your wedding photos probably had a decent dose of awkward, and who can blame you? Marriage was brand-spankin’ new and maybe just a little overwhelming! You’ve changed, the two of you. That spark between you is WAY bigger now, and you’ve never been cuter or closer or more in love.
Why not cherish that change with some fresh photographs of you and your sweetheart? I’ll capture you doing what you do best - living life together.

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