Upping the Headshots Game

I always hesitate to use the word headshots because the word feels so stuffy. Instead, I use phrases like profile photos or professional portraits or just plain portrait photos. I meet a lot of people who feel the same way when they ask me for new headshots – they say things like

"I need a new photo for a big work event coming up! But I don't want a stiff, awkward-looking picture; I want something that's more natural and true to myself while still being professional. Can you do that?"

Why yes, I can.

We're upping the headshots game, one savvy professional at a time. Here's proof:

The city is your oyster, Chinwe! ♡

If you're thinking, 

Mandalyn! I need new non-stuffy profile photos like this too!

then you're right – you really do. We've got this covered. Email me.