What do I do in the winter?

I don't adopt a winter-winter-go-away chant like many of my fellow Ohioans - I find winter to be quite tolerable with its stunning displays of white wonder, and I'm even fond of the cold fluffy white stuff. And lots of it.

But everyone loves spring. I mean everyone. When it finally starts to peek through the frozen earth, the world rejoices - especially my camera!

My Instagrams prove that I don't totally close up shop for the winter, but as a natural light photographer, my schedule is far lighter when the great outdoors is a little more feisty.

So what do I do in the winter? I don't have a studio to hole away in, so I do become a little less active in appearances. But the gears and wheels of Morceau Photography have kicked in to high, and I'm just about to pop with all the brainstorms and ideas I've been cranking out! You're lookin' at one of them - a fresh, new site to make it easier for me to share my work and more enjoyable for you to see it.

The new morceauphotography.com is a work in progress, so bear with me if some links are dead - but go ahead! Poke around and enjoy yourself...and to stay in the loop with all the up-and-comings, be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed or hop on the email newsletter list.