December | 10 on 10

Every year it's so hard to believe when it's time to turn the calendar's last page to December. I'm giving one last homage to autumn with this post, though. Our family moved to Brooklyn, NY a month ago, and we're feeling settled enough to enjoy some lovely everyday adventures on the weekends. I was fortunate to capture some of the beauty of autumn in NYC at the peak of color!

You probably remember that these monthly posts are part of my year-long project with fellow photographers across the US. We're keeping each other accountable to document and publish photos of our everyday lives with this blog circle and I'd love for you to follow the links to see their final posts of the year! Start here with my friend and fellow New Yorker, Elizabeth.

November | 10 on 10

I originally posted these photos on my personal blog, but I'm so happy with the way they turned out and the quality in spite of my tiny kitchen that I want them here too! Food photography is becoming a really enjoyable hobby and I'm tossing around the idea of doing a winter project of nothing but food and the hands that prepare it. Stay tuned. :)

As usual, this is a blog circle with some lovely photographers around the world sharing bits of their daily life. Follow the circle starting with Heather's post about remembering to find joy amidst the business - such a lovely reminder for me.