All Grown Up | Classic Chicago Family Photos

This beautiful and classic session was a birthday gift for mom. It had been a few years since their last family portrait, so we picked a classic Chicago location and were gifted with a beautiful summer afternoon. If you know this family, you'll know they're some of the most warm-hearted people in all of Chicago. It took very little nudging to bring out the sense of love, respect, and connection this family shares.

I just love Lurie Garden in Millennium park for the way it changes with each season. It's always beautiful, but the colors of the flowers and foliage are different every time I visit! Photos on the Nichols Bridgeway that connects the Art Institute with the park were the surprise addition to the photo session and they happen to be my favorite images. That gorgeous Chicago architecture makes for the most wonderful backdrop. 

I'm currently booking for sessions in September and October. If Lurie Garden is a special place to you too, let's create some beautiful photos that celebrate autumn in Chicago!

Heart and home | Chicago Lifestyle Family Photography

"Home is where the heart is."

We've all heard that little quip, and I saw the truth of it clearly when I photographed these sweet friends in their Bridgeport, Chicago home a few months ago. They have made their home a warm and welcoming place and I instantly felt at ease there! 

These friends have welcomed a sweet foster child into their lives in the last few months, and witnessing their open hearts and open home in such a tangible way is beautiful. I have so much respect for the sacrifices of foster parents - they give, and give, and give. I spent some time photographing the new parents cooking breakfast together and enjoying some quiet morning moments during naptime, and then photographed all three for their first family portraits. What an honor!!

I've hidden his face for privacy in the images below, but there's no way to hide the tenderness and sweet new love of this beautiful family. ♡ 


Baby Brother | Oak Park Newborn & Family Photography

The first few days at home after welcoming a new family member into the world are nothing short of magical. Those of us who are parents know all about the sleepless nights and the mealtime drama and the upheaval of schedules and sanity, but it often seems like the first days are gifted with an extra dose of happiness and cloud-nine-living!

I certainly felt like I had stepped into a magical place when I photographed this sweet family in their Oak Park home a few weeks ago. The love was thick and the joy was evident as the three of them welcomed a baby brother into their lives! I spent the first part of the morning photographing all four of them and then ended with some solo images of the new baby.

When I photograph a family or couple or child of any age, I always prefer to let life unfold in the most natural way rather than arranging and posing. Somehow this seems to be even more important when there's a newborn baby involved - it's as if the sense of wonder and beauty of new life is so real that I don't dare intervene! That's why you won't find any unnatural newborn poses below; just raw, beautiful, brand-new baby and his adoring family.

It's magnificent. Don't you agree?

Expecting a baby and love this style of fresh, organic newborn photography? Need real, honest photographs of your family connection? Then let's talk. :)