One Bright Spring Morning | Brooklyn, NYC Family Photographer

The thing about Brooklyn families is that they're resilient.

We could have rescheduled this shoot on a different (warmer) day in the middle of spring, but we may not have been blessed by the crisp, clean sunlight that seemed to be winking at our determination. And besides, there was a coffee shop just around the corner.

After chasing sun and shadows for a few minutes, we ducked inside to warm ourselves with hot drinks, peer out the window at passersby, and shriek with delight at the sight of a garbage truck.

Brooklyn families are tough and resilient, and this family is made of pure gold. ✨

Emily Weaver x Cafe Henrie | NYC Blogger Photos

Emily is a one of those creative souls who helps your own creative soul come to life a little more. I first met her at a retreat we both attended, and was drawn to her friendliness and effortless style right away! When we found out we were both moving to NYC at the same time, we promised to hang out as soon as the dust settled. This little photo shoot at Cafe Henrie and the real talk shared over matcha and coffee was our fulfillment of that promise, and I'm so glad we made it happen.

Emily blogs her creative journey, styling, and photography at, and she requested these images for a style post. If you have a minute, go read her words about creativity, finding your niche, and using your gifts. She offers some good wisdom.

You can also find Emily on Instagram @emilyrweaver; tell her I sent you!

Lifestyle Blogger Style Photos taken at Cafe Henrie in the Lower East Side.

Top + Jeans - American Eagle Outfitters / Coat + Boots - Zara / Bag - Baldwin Sample Sale / Necklace + Rings - American Eagle Outfitters / Belt - Thrifted